World Tales – Volume I

by Randy Armstrong & Genevieve Aichele

“This stunning collection will take you and your child far from home.” —Women’s Day KIDS

“The artists’ expressive delivery make this a fine, artistic piece.” —Billboard


Song Previews

  1. The Magic Lake (Ecuador) Randy Armstrong & Genevieve Aichele 5:46
  2. Mzizis Great Adventure (South Africa) Randy Armstrong & Genevieve Aichele 4:34
  3. The Elephant and the Ant (India) Randy Armstrong & Genevieve Aichele 4:31
  4. Anansi the Spider (West Africa) Randy Armstrong & Genevieve Aichele 3:36
  5. The First Flute (Lakota-North America) Randy Armstrong & Genevieve Aichele 3:37

World Tales – Volume I

by Randy Armstrong & Genevieve Aichele

Recorded and released in 1996, World Tales Vol. 1 is a mosaic of stories and music from around the world featuring Randy Armstrong and Genevieve Aichele. Check out the Armstrong & Aichele Website.


"This album is a winner for the entire family!" —Tribune Media Services

"These tales are humorous and engaging (with) welcome variations to the typical damsel-in-distress narrative." —Toronto Sun

"This collection of multi-cultural tales and music is breathtaking." —South Florida Parenting

"Highly recommended...this recording will be enjoyed by children and adults alike." —MultiCultural Review

"My eight-year-old sat spellbound through the entire CD!"—Parent Council, Ltd.

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