The Randy Armstrong Trio: Jose Duque, Randy Armstrong
and Volker Nahrmann

The Randy Armstrong Trio

Featuring Randy Armstrong, Volker Nahrmann and Jose Duque


New Acoustic | World Fusion | Jazz

Always on the absolute cutting edge of the musical world, the Randy Armstrong Trio featuring Volker Nahrmann and Jose Duque perform original World Fusion Music and Contemporary Jazz.

While some people talk about “one world” and “understanding all cultures”, the Randy Armstrong Trio lives this concept with their in-depth study and presentation of music drawn from sources as diverse as mainstream American jazz, Native American flute playing, West African drumming and North Indian sitar motifs—all blended by the ingenious combination of acoustic, high-tech, and synthesized technology.

And this is just for starters: Armstrong, Nahrmann, and Duque will perform on over 50 traditional and ethnic instruments from around the world. Randy Armstrong was signed to the Los Angeles, California based DOMO Record label with distribution by the MVD Entertainment Group.

The trio performances will include music from guitarist/percussionist Randy Armstrong’s solo album, “No Regrets,” featuring a stunning array of eleven songs including a new arrangement of the Miles Davis classic “Blue in Green”. The Portsmouth Herald stated, “No Regrets” is a strong musical statement from a musician whose playing has defied categorization throughout most of his career. Whether it be on guitar, sitar, wood flute or various percussion instruments, Armstrong takes the listener on a sonic joyride from start to finish.”

Alternate Guest Drummers/Percussionists: Marty Quinn & Bertram Lehmann