LEGACY—the Complete Works of Do’a

by Do’a and Do’a World Music Ensemble – Randy Armstrong & Ken LaRoche

New 24-bit Mastering from the Original Recordings
Includes 5 Compact Discs & 16-page Booklet

“Before the Talking Heads recorded Remain in Light, before Peter Gabriel programmed his drum machines to play African poly-rhythms, before Paul Simon and Graceland, and before the term “world music” was ever coined, there was Do’a.” — Lahri Bonds, Dirty Linen Folk and World Music Review


LEGACY—the Complete Works of Do'a (5 CD Box Set)

by Do'a and Do'a World Music Ensemble - Randy Armstrong & Ken LaRoche

New 24-bit Mastering from the Original Recordings—Includes 5 Compact Discs & 16-Page Booklet.

The Legacy Box Set features the complete works of Do’a — a partnership between Randy Armstrong & Ken LaRoche. The 5 cd set includes new 24-bit mastering from the original recordings with stunning sound quality and a beautiful designed 16-Page Booklet.

Excerpt from "An Undying Thirst" written by Matt Kanner, The Wire:

"The collaboration between Armstrong and LaRoche lasted for 17 years, concluding with a concert at Harvard University in 1991. During that span, Do’a recorded five albums and played concerts all over the nation and world, helping to pioneer an all-encompassing style that has come to be known as world fusion. A sampling of the music’s influences range from American folk and jazz to traditional African, Indian, Tibetan, Andean, Native American and Middle Eastern music."

Album titles include:


“One of the important contributions to the future of our music.” — Jazz Legend, Dizzy Gillespie

“A marvelous kaleidoscope of shifting melodies, rhythms and instrumental colors." —Downbeat

“Powerfully optimistic songs delivered with striking originality.” —Boston Globe

"A rich collection of compositions featuring traditional and archaic instruments which provide the listener with a sense of peace tinged with a certain sadness that isn’t found very often in today’s music. This is spiritual jazz." —Billboard


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