Black Thunder

Featuring the Black Thunder Singers, Randy Armstrong, Volker Nahrmann and Ken Gable

2011 Native American Music Awards NAMMY WINNER


Song Preview

  1. Hamlet - Prince of Denmark Randy Armstrong 2:29
  2. Ghost of Hamlet's Father Randy Armstrong 0:44
  3. Ophelia Randy Armstrong 1:02
  4. Royal Procession Randy Armstrong 0:40
  5. Glad Tidings - The Players Randy Armstrong 0:52
  6. Claudius - The Conscience of the King edit Randy Armstrong 1:17
  7. Fortinbras - The Drums of War Randy Armstrong 0:55
  8. The Mousetrap - Scene 1 Randy Armstrong 0:54
  9. The Mousetrap - Scene 2 Randy Armstrong 2:52
  10. Hamlet and Laertes - The Final Bout Randy Armstrong 1:58
  11. Ophelia: "Never Doubt, I Love" Randy Armstrong, Dan Kleinmann 1:47

Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Original Score & Soundtrack by Randy Armstrong

Presented by New Hampshire Theatre Project. Original music funded in part by the New England Foundation for the Arts, the National Endowment for the Arts and Meet the Composer, Inc.

Randy Armstrong—Classical, Electric & Ebow Guitars, Bass, Lakota Courting Flute, Drone Flute, Djembe, Djun-Djun, Cahone, Keyboards, Synthesizers, SFX, Vocals, World Percussion and Drums.

Spoken word on Ophelia “Never Doubt, I Love” by Dan Kleinmann.


"The ever-present score by Randy Armstrong serves as a romantic, powerful and sometimes ominous backdrop."— The Wire

"Beautiful, riveting, insightful, and inspiring."— Patrick Ganz, English Teacher

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