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WorldBeat Marimba Band in Concert with Ben Baldwin and the Stairwells

The WorldBeat Marimba Band, led by Randy Armstrong, and The Stairwells, an a cappella group led by Ben Baldwin, performed Saturday, February 1, 2020 at The Dance Hall in Kittery Maine.

The Stairwells evolved from an eight week a cappella class at Traip Academy in Kittery in the early 90’s. At the close of the session, they wanted more and Instructor/music director Ben Baldwin, felt the same. They continued rehearsals each week for many years and after a brief hiatus, re-formed in 2010 and continue to sing a repertoire of songs from Rockin’ Gospel to Doo Wop at weddings, fairs, libraries and multiple large community events.

Randy Armstrong & The WorldBeat Marimba Band is a Zimbabwe & South African style band that performs traditional as well as familiar popular tunes. They also added a lead Trinidad/Tobago steel pan in the mix with percussion. The Marimbas were handcrafted in Cape Town. Randy first heard them at a 2018 Voices concert in South Africa with Desmond Tutu and family in the audience. He then found the marimba-maker and commissioned the beautiful instruments and began offering lessons.

For those interested in joining, Randy is offering four to eight week classes throughout the year. For more information, contact Randy Armstrong at 603.512.4325 or email at Follow the group on Facebook: