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World Tales Volume 1 Awarded 1997 Parent’s Guide Children’s Media Award • Children’s Music Web Award and Selected By Parent Council LTD.

In 1992, Randy Armstrong and Genevieve Aichele began collaborating as Armstrong & Aichele, a performance ensemble which merges music, movement, storytelling and theatre to animate timeless stories that appeal to audiences of all ages. Together they perform “World Tales,” with music played on traditional instruments from all over the globe — the Native American flute, the African djembe drum, and the North Indian sitar, just to name a few.

The stories include traditional favorites like Anansi the Spider and original retellings of ancient myths. “World Tales” performances are “A Mosaic of Music & Stories from Around the World,” the album of the show, have won rave reviews all over the country.


“This stunning collection will take you and your child far from home.” —Women’s Day KIDS

“The artists’ expressive delivery make this a fine, artistic piece.” —Billboard

“This album is a winner for the entire family!” —Tribune Media Services

“These tales are humorous and engaging with welcome variations to the typical damsel-in-distress narrative.” —Toronto Sun

“This collection of multi-cultural tales and music is breathtaking.” —South Florida Parenting

“Highly recommended! This recording will be enjoyed by children and adults alike.” —MultiCultural Review

“My eight-year-old sat spellbound through the entire CD!” —Parent Council, Ltd.