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Randy Armstrong Interview on The World Fusion Show

Watch the Randy Armstrong interview with producer, Derrick Jordan


Randy Armstrong was recently the featured guest on The World Fusion Show with Derrick Jordan. The World Fusion Show is a national award-winning public access TV show and podcast that is produced in Brattleboro, VT at BCTV. The podcast has won the national award for the Best Entertainment and Arts Series 2019 in public access TV. It can be found on Soundcloud and iTunes.

The podcast, hosted and produced by Derrik Jordan, delivers interviews, video clips and live in the studio performances with the leading innovators in World Fusion music. It presents an incredible variety of World Fusion musicians and composers with artists from all over the globe. The show releases a new episode every 2 weeks and has released over 135 episodes since its debut in July 2017. The show has been shown on 100 public access TV stations in 26 states and the podcast is being heard in over 50 countries.

“Randy Armstrong is a long-time member of the World Fusion tribe. He began his journey in the 70’s with Do’a which also included Ken LaRoche. They were one of the very first World Fusion groups. He is a multi-instrumentalist and plays guitar, sitar, djembe, mbira, flute, marimbas, balafon, koto, and many more from a collection of over 300 instruments.” – Derrick Jordan

In addition to The World Fusion Show, Derrik Jordan is an award-winning composer and singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist who sings and plays 5 string electric violin, guitar, keyboard, kalimba, ngoni and percussion. He is also a recording artist on Worldsoul Records based in Putney, Vermont.

View Episode $140, featuring Randy Armstrong below or with these links: