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CHOOSE LOVE – Summer Theatre Camp • Randy Armstrong, Guest Artist in Residence @ The Flying Monkey Performance Center • Plymouth NH June 27 – July 1, 2022 / Performance July 1, 2022 @6:30pm

Honored to be awarded a grant from the NH State Council on the Arts and National Endowment for the Arts to compose music and participate in an artist residency for the upcoming production, CHOOSE LOVE in collaboration with Director & Playwright Trish Lindberg, the Flying Monkey Performance Center, Plymouth State University, Plymouth Parks & Recreation, and the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement.

Choose Love 

A Musical Celebration
Created in Collaboration with the Choose Love Movement

Artistic Director: Trish Lindberg
Music Director: John Leslie
Choreographer: Lemar Archer
Guest Artist: Randy Armstrong

Script compiled by Trish Lindberg and Deborah Fairchild

Music by Natalie Roy, Randy Armstrong, Cynthia Bizzarro, and Rick Lindberg
Lyrics by Trish Lindberg
Music Arranged by Evan Waaramaa and Cynthia Bizzarro

Production Assistants: Pam Irish and Paula Northridge
Stage Management and Lighting Design by Zach Glennon
Set and Prop Design by Stacey Lucas
Projection Design by Stacey Lucas, Zach Glennon, and the Cast
Special Visual Sequence Design by Christina Lamson
Sound Design by Davis Thurston

Program Design by Paula Northridge
Music, Visual Arts and Theatre PSU Graduate Student Project Collaborators: Deborah Fairchild, Sarah Morgan, Elise LaCourse, Cynthia Joyce, Nancy Spencer, Sharon Pearson, Zach Glennon, Jennifer Foster and Kelli O’Connor-Maynard

Special Thanks to Scarlett Lewis, Shannon Desilets, Betsy Carlson, Meg Petersen, Lisa Ash and Plymouth Parks and Recreation and especially,

Alex Ray and the Flying Monkey Staff

Dedicated to Jesse Lewis