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WorldBeat Marimba Band Premier Concert

The WorldBeat Marimba Band, led by Randy Armstrong, held its premiere concert performances on November 23, 2019 at South Church in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The Band joined Voices From The Heart in performing Zimbabwe songs, Baba Mudiki and Muno Sara Nani, with over 200 women singers.

The WorldBeat Marimba Band started when Randy toured South Africa with members of Voices From The Heart. While in South Africa, Randy enjoyed the dynamic and joyous music of Marimba Bands at concert halls, churches, schools and street performances. At a concert Randy and Voices of the Heart performed with Desmond Tutu and his family in attendance, a young group of talented and energetic South African Marimba players performed traditional songs and pop tunes had the entire audience singing and dancing together. Even Papa Tutu got up to dance to the song, PATA PATA made famous by South African singer, Miriam Makeba and played brilliantly by the Marimba BandRandy was inspired to commission a set of South African Marimbas handcrafted by ethnomusicologist, Gavin Coppenhall—African Ethos Instruments in Cape Town.

Randy received the Marimbas on Christmas Eve in 2018 and soon began offering classes in his Beauty Hill Music Studios in Barrington, New Hampshire, USA. Randy added a Trinidad/Tobago Steel Drum and hand-percussion in the mix and the musical journey continues with more classes, rehearsals, collaborations and concert performances.

For those interested in joining, Randy is offering four to eight week classes throughout the year. For more information, contact Randy Armstrong at 603.512.4325 or email at Follow the group on Facebook:

Art in Health Care

Randy Armstrong uses music for healing and as therapuetic practice for a wide variety of learning disabilities and physical and emotional illnesses.


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