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Review of “No Regrets” by Northeast Performer Magazine

No Regrets

by Randy Armstrong

C.D. Di Guardia, Northeast Performer Magazine:

“Randy Armstrong’s all acoustic, all instrumental pieces tell more story than any poet-cum-musical artist ever could in rambling verbal form. There has been such stress on story and lyrical form that the music has taken a backseat for poets who want to lend musical voice to their stanzas.Armstrong’s playing is itself lyrical without words, each track sucking the mind in through the guitar soundhole as if through a wormhole into the great Whatever. Randy Armstrong is an artist fit to reintroduce the listener to the area of acoustic music as something to be appreciated and savored.

“Armstrong manages to get several musical points through during his songs that leave a lasting impression on the listener. There is never more than guitar, light percussion, and the occasional guitar-triggered pad synth sounds on any of these tracks. All of these pieces still emanate a strong energy unto themselves that only finely crafted acoustic music can. Most artists write instrumental sections as a break between the lyrics or overture, but Armstrong’s pieces are all payoff, all the way. No Regrets exhibits rhythm and quiet power, as well as the occasional touch of mysticism such as that in the second track, “Fisherman’s Cancion.” This particular track is a good example of what Armstrong can do in low-power mode. “Cancion” never explodes or kicks up to anything, but the track is a quietly effective one in its own right. The track directly thereafter, “Seven to Twelve” is a flourish of a piece with its own different energy and movement. Randy Armstrong shouldn’t have many regrets about this release.”

Art in Health Care

Randy Armstrong uses music for healing and as therapuetic practice for a wide variety of learning disabilities and physical and emotional illnesses.


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Keynote Speaker & Event Performances

Randy Armstrong keynote speaking engagements cover topics on unity, diversity and the healing aspect of music.