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Review of “No Regrets” by Alter Magazine

No Regrets

by Randy Armstrong

Alter Magazine:

“No Regrets is a perfect name for this record. I have no regret in wanting to review it! The CD graphics are adorned with intricate pictures of sunsets – a perfect description of this album. Randy Armstrong uses the entire duration of this CD for intense acoustic guitar solos, soft, obscure ballads of almost trance-like songs that bring you to another state of mind. His talent is amazing. While most music these days tries to capture your attention, this record reminds me of those artsy movies when the main character looks out his window and watches the countryside pass. It’s perfect background music for reading or pondering the universe. When you feel tired and need to relax, turn to this album. Even though Armstrong offers no philosophical ideas on the cosmos or love or life, I’m sure it will inspire you to find the answers of your own. I recommend starting with the idea of having No Regrets.”

Art in Health Care

Randy Armstrong uses music for healing and as therapuetic practice for a wide variety of learning disabilities and physical and emotional illnesses.


Find out more about Randy Armstrong's scoring for film, television, theatre and dance.

Keynote Speaker & Event Performances

Randy Armstrong keynote speaking engagements cover topics on unity, diversity and the healing aspect of music.