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No Regrets

A stunning collection of eleven songs performed on acoustic and classical guitars with Lakota courting flute, sitar, tabla and West African drums. Includes Randy's new arrangements of the Miles Davis classic Blue in Green and Chick Corea's Crystal Silence plus nine original compositions.

Randy Armstrong — acoustic & nylon string guitars, gibson L7 guitar circa 1948, synth-guitar, bass, keyboards, sitar, tampura, tabla, Lakota courting flute, mbira, djembe, djun-djun, shakere, axatse, atoke bell and percussion.

Read the reviews or listen to samples of the songs.

    1. No Regrets mp3
    2. Fisherman's Cancion mp3
    3. Seven To Twelve mp3
    4. Blue in Green
    5. Summer Day Blue
    6. Tribute II
    7. Can't Wait To See You
    8. Bahji Revisited
    9. Crystal Silence
    10. Love Has No Boundaries mp3
    11. Song For Peace

Click on a link to download the excerpt. You will need an audio player capable of playing MP3 files or Windows Media files, for example Winamp for PCs, or MACAST or iTunes for Macs, or Apple's QuickTime Player, available for both platforms. All of these are free downloads.


"Randy Armstrong is a one-man wonder. His ability to play more than 200 instruments from around the world, as well as his degree in composition and world music, all shine through on No Regrets. Although Armstrong is primarily a guitarist, and a fantastic one at that, his rhythmic skills also are impeccable. Drawing from sitar, Lakota courting flute, djembe, and tabla to round out his sound, he presents a polished set of guitar-based themes on No Regrets." —New Age Retailer

"I have been a fan of Randy Armstrong for quite some time and was thrilled to receive his new CD, No Regrets. Every track is a gem and the whole CD is a showcase for the talents of this multi-instrumentalist. This one is spinning constantly. No Regrets...nope, not one!" —Karen Larson, WERU-FM

"A sure-fingered guitar virtuoso." —Boston Globe

"Randy Armstrong is a virtuoso of versatility." —NH Magazine

"A sonic joyride from start to finish." —Portsmouth Herald

"What regrets could Randy Armstrong possibly have after recording an album so well executed and visionary in scope? 'No Regrets' exudes a complexity both in rhythm and melody that the vast majority of musicians will never know." —Foster's Daily Democrat Showcase Magazine


Domo Records
CD 73818-2