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Dinner on the Diner

Original PBS Soundtrack

This double CD soundtrack features the music composed, arranged and selected by Randy Armstrong for the four-part PBS series, "Dinner on the Diner," produced by British filmmaker Jon Guilbert. This series is about four famous train routes in South Africa, Spain, Scotland and Malaysia/Thailand. Watch for it on PBS in your area!

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Disc 1:

  1. Spain: Baile de Gitano mp3|wma
  2. Spain: La Alma Desperta (The Soul Awakens) mp3|wma
  3. Spain: Spanish Skies mp3|wma
  4. Spain: Phoenix De Amor mp3
  5. Spain: Romance mp3
  6. Spain: Viaje De Vuelta (Journey Home) mp3
  7. Spain: Al Andalus mp3
  8. Spain: Train To Granada mp3
  9. Spain: Tarifa mp3
  10. Spain: Meditacion
  11. South Africa: Train Across The Savannah mp3
  12. South Africa: South African Sunrise mp3
  13. South Africa: Capetown: The Changing Sands Of Time mp3
  14. South Africa: Prayer For South Africa mp3
  15. South Africa: Singabahambayo mp3
  16. South Africa: Thula Klizeo mp3
  17. South Africa: Ise Oluwa mp3
  18. South Africa: Akiwowo (Chant To The Trainman) mp3
  19. South Africa: Prayer For South Africa, Refrain mp3

Disc 2:

  1. Scotland: In and Out of the Harbour/Devil in the Kitchen mp3|wma
  2. Scotland: I'm O'er Young mp3|wma
  3. Scotland: I'm O'er Young mp3
  4. Scotland: Cha Till MacCruimean mp3|wma
  5. Scotland: MacPherson's Lament mp3
  6. Scotland: Haslam's Hornpipe mp3
  7. Scotland: The Mathematician mp3
  8. Scotland: Laird O'Drumblair mp3
  9. Scotland: In And Out The Harbour/Devil In The Kitchen mp3
  10. Scotland: My Bonnie Moorhen mp3
  11. Scotland: Honest Poverty mp3
  12. Scotland: New Day Dawning mp3
  13. Southeast Asia (Thailand/Malaysia): Train Journey North: Singapore To Bangkok mp3
  14. Southeast Asia (Thailand/Malaysia): Suling mp3
  15. Southeast Asia (Thailand/Malaysia): Variation On 'Khamen Sai Yok' mp3
  16. Southeast Asia (Thailand/Malaysia): Kaen mp3
  17. Southeast Asia (Thailand/Malaysia): Treasure Hunt mp3
  18. Southeast Asia (Thailand/Malaysia): Buddhist Temple mp3
  19. Southeast Asia (Thailand/Malaysia): Japanese Railway: Bridge Over The River Kwai mp3
  20. Southeast Asia (Thailand/Malaysia): Chiang Rai mp3
  21. Southeast Asia (Thailand/Malaysia): River Journey mp3

Click on a link to download the excerpt. You will need an audio player capable of playing MP3 files or Windows Media files, for example Winamp for PCs, or MACAST or iTunes for Macs, or Apple's QuickTime Player, available for both platforms. All of these are free downloads.


"Randy composed and performed world music targeting cultures of the trip. Travels in Spain, evoke sounds ranging from a gypsy dance to classical guitar. South Africa, Scotland and Southest Asia also inspired Armstrong's emotional journeys with cultural authenticity."—Houston Chronicle

"There's no mistaking his prowess on acoustic guitar...or his compositional abilities."—Miami New Times

"If only music could smell of good cooking, this lovely set would make your mouth water ... evocative ... timeless ... spicy ... This international musical journey is tantalizing -- the perfect gift for your favorite cook."—Barnes&

"A respectful and pleasant sountrack...The music is both suggestive and unobtrusive. It can stand on its own." —

"...the soundtrack to this PBS mini-series explores the local music through the compositions of multi-instrumentalist Randy Armstrong....Dinner on the Diner is great music...a welcome refuge in a hectic world." —Ritz FilmBill & NYC Angelika FilmBill

"He's more than an expert. Randy Armstrong is an original...a virtuoso of versatility." —New Hampshire Magazine

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