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Ageless Pathways

The Journey transports you to the sacred Black Hills of the Lakota Nation, a barefoot pathway across Eastern Africa, a tropical reef weaving in and out of coral pillars, and beyond to other Ageless Pathways.

Featuring Ben Tavera King, Charles Michael Brotman, David Friesen, Rojo, Uwe Kropinski, Steve Kindler, Georgia Kelly, Barefoot, Dusan, Bogdanovic, Unu Mondo.

Exceptional music for pathworking, visualization and meditation.

    1. Summer Storm mp3|wma
    2. Bilyanna mp3|wma
    3. Merchant Street mp3|wma
    4. Search mp3
    5. After the Fall mp3
    6. Far and Away mp3
    7. Lakota mp3
    8. 100 Year Rain mp3
    9. Paradise Lost mp3
    10. WistariReef mp3
    11. Castles of the White City mp3
    12. Pachelbel's Canon mp3
    13. Serenghetti mp3

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